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Christopher Cromwell

Cromwell is a Canadian of African descent, born in Halifax Nova Scotia and brought up in small mining community in Northern Ontario, Canada. His family has been in Canada since mid 1700 coming to Canada via the Underground Railroad to freedom in the Annapolis valley in Nova Scotia. His father came from a family of thirteen that had a strong tradition of oral story telling. Chris believes this is where his talent comes from. He had the ability early in life and excelled in script writing while studying broadcast arts at Fanshaw College in London, Ontario.

He worked in communications briefly before migrating into business, starting in sales and moving into management and sales management, working in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta. Regardless of what Chris was doing he always wrote, writing everything from songs to poems, and ultimately his first novel, Melody's Fire, based on some of his travels in Canada's far north. Now retired and living in the Okanogan Valley in BC, Canada, Cromwell intends to follow his passion and has put out his second novel, The Note, and has two more completed, The Mangled Man and The Crabman. Watch for them, they'll be out soon.

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